About us

We are a local family owned business and our belief is that learning is a natural process. We are passionate about education and about helping children to believe in themselves and reach their own full potential.

Tutors' qualifications & experience

Angie: Bachelor of Arts Degree with a Post Graduate Certificate in Education and 8 years teaching experience.

As a young girl I found learning difficult. My parents were told by a school that I attended that I would not be able to graduate from high school, let alone pursue higher education studies. I found school a very hard place to be for most of my primary school years, and learnt coping strategies during this time. Through hard work and perseverance, I found ways to help myself. I learnt how to focus, study and achieve. My high school years were vastly different to my primary school years, marked by a high level of academic success. I then went on to obtain a Batchelor of Arts Degree and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. Growing up as one of the oldest in a large family, I soon realized that one of my strengths was interacting with young children. I found that helping children to learn gave me a strong sense of personal satisfaction. From a young age I had a desire to work with children, educating and guiding them. After 7 years of classroom teaching, I felt a strong desire to help children who struggle in the classroom, as I once did. This tutoring business is so much more to me than just a business – it is the product of my life’s journey thus far and passions realised.

Geraldine: Montessori Nursery Infant (Foundation) Teaching Diploma (3 - 6 years of age) and Certificate IV in Education Support. 10 years teaching experience.

Being a mum of five I had the experience of seeing learning difficulties in some of my children. They were intelligent and capable children, yet were struggling with some concepts of learning at school. This led me to enrolling into a Montessori Education course, training in Early Childhood. Subsequently I opened a pre-school in our farming community in Africa in 1989. From there on I have found great fulfillment in teaching children, using multisensory techniques and creative ways to bring out the best in them and make learning inspiring. My belief is learning should not be complicated and defining. Learning is a natural progression within each day for any person, adult or child. Giving children a more positive perception of learning changes the way they see themselves in the experience of learning. Showing them that there are many ways to see and solve problems and therefore many ways to look at learning, helps them become more confident and more excited about the challenges in life. Sharing this with children through the tutoring business gives me fulfillment and inspires me. The future generation is our hope for a better world and I have great confidence in this up and coming generation to do amazing things.

Nicole: Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care, Studying Certificate IV in Education Support, and 6 years of administrative experience.

I am a qualified child care worker and I have 5 years’ experience in child care, which involves a lot of the very early aspects of education. I love to help children to feel safe in their environment and confident in their own abilities as I believe that the leap from this type of emotional security to feeling an excitement about learning is then much easier to make! I am also studying my Certificate IV in Education Support and so am both tutoring and handling the administration side of the business within Life’s A Painting.

Our tutors and administrative staff all have their Ochre cards.

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