Mission Statement

Life's A Painting Tutoring aims to create a structured and safe haven in which children can relax into learning without anxiety. The child's learning needs are met and their innate value is recognised in a holistic approach to learning, self expression and discovery of self worth. Humpty Doo Darwin tutors primary school maths English.

Children will understand that learning is part of their own natural progression in life and that it comes easily and without resistance when it is embraced. Once their fundamental belief about learning is balanced, the child is then able to reach for their own best learning experience, stemming from a place of personal excitement and confidence, which leads to better overall education outcomes.

Our intention, through tutoring, is to eliminate anxiety and fear of learning and to create confident, independent learners who trust their own ability and can function confidently in the classroom and beyond.

Our unique programs and equipment offer a steady and consistent approach to problem solving that leave the child feeling empowered about their education. They are provided with the tools to establish their independence in learning, and are then able to utilise these in practical application.

Although we are not qualified as Special Educationalists; our approach, programs, environment and resources cater for a broad range of learning difficulties and disabilities.

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